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My Philosophy in short


Translated by: Ali Asghar JannatPour -

Humans and animals alike need three surviving factors: air, water and food. It is necessary to learn about these factors profoundly and select the best under each factor and deliver it to our body cells.

Every day new diseases emerge among man while animals do not suffer from illnesses or it is bounded to some certain types which come to them by being in contact with human beings. Animals that live and grow in the nature are much healthier than those are raised by man.

The difference in the use of the three surviving factors between human beings and animals fall in how we prepare our food: we cook, turn it into refuse and then eat it which is not practiced by any animal. Apart from that difference we use the other two factors the same way animals use.

Through some incidents, scientific experiments and continuous studies, I found out that eating cooked foods which is referred here as ‘eating refuse, eating corpse, eating animals’ and is widely practiced amongst intellectual beings, is not necessarily a need but it is a deviation. Similarly, some of us are addicted to smoking, heroin, opium, or alcohol which is wrongly introduced as our needs.

I also discovered that living things bodies including man’s has a vital, sensitive system with a delicate functioning which is called here ‘body self-healing system’. The occurrence of diseases results from the unawareness of this system and its crucial function.

The body self-healing system operates around-the-clock to keep our body clean and protect it from any wrong diet. It segregates all the unwanted elements of the food, drink, and air that people have. It feeds the cells on the vital elements, or keeps them for the time that the body doesn’t receive efficient food. The system wastes the unwanted elements after separating process is complete.

Poisons released into the bloodstream and partly wasted through kidneys, meet with nerves that make the person feel hungry. The density of the poison causes a severe pain which is similar to the one experienced by the addicted. The pain is concealed in the body and its density determines the body’s need to food. A smoker or an addict relieves his pain by smoking and taking drugs, which are not his bodily needs.

The body self-healing system mobilizes cells to collect the old and new wandering poisons in the blood to prevent them from reaching the brain, which can kill the person. (Examples were presented in some of my video interviews in which I talked about children killed after having hamburger, while their parents did not die for the same reason.

That was because the parents’ bodies produced enough cells throughout the years to get rid of the poisons in the blood. The fake feel of hunger or the temporary pain disappears for some time while the body is even more contaminating than before.)

The old poisons and the new ones are stored in cells and; as a result, dysfunction them. The glands and the organs with ill cells naturally dysfunction and that is when
they are wrongly referred to as impaired organs. During operation these organs look misshaped and are smelly which mislead professors and proficient surgeons in calling them impaired.

Poisons are stored in the cells because cells are working efficiently! If we eat healthy foods, the blood will be freed from any impurity and can control the poisons; therefore, the cells can release the poisons into the bloodstream and return to its original functionality. Consequently, there will be no impaired organs and the body functions normally.

The process explained above reoccurs (in a more painful way) after a few hours and when the body self-healing system completes the process of analyzing new foods to separate and waste the poisons, which are denser and more life-threatening and enter the body through the cooked food (refusal), medicine (direct poison), smoking, and drugs.

Once more the body healing system commands the cells to gather up the impurities. In dealing with the impurities, the cells (that are wrongly considered microbes and the cause of pains; misleadingly called sicknesses) function in different ways. These cells are all in the body and well prepared to take care of the unwanted elements.

Unknowingness about the how the body self-healing system works results in harmful actions. More you eat cooked foods and take medicines more cells will be overwhelmed with stored poisons; therefore, body becomes more contaminating.

Pains diverge; number of cells, glands and organs whose functionality reduce or come to a halt, increase. As the pains vary, the poisons will get new shapes. At this point, more cells are occupied, there are fewer active and healthy cells to refine the blood, and no medicine heals the pains.

This is the main cause of diseases that could not be cured despite of the fact that thousands of research intuitions have discovered millions of medicines so far. Diseases diverge and increase. The body self-healing system remains unaware. Newly discovered medicines are in vain; this cycle goes on and thousands of individuals lose their lives.

The whole painful process could be prevented simply by converting to a vegetarian diet. Body would get cleaned and those complicated pains and diseases foreclosed, and cells would not store poisons. A stitch in time saves nine: the treatment can commence by eating vegetables and uncooked foods, which cure impairments, make cells activate healthily and get rid of the unwanted elements efficiently, effectively.

This treatment has fruited positive outcomes throughout years; anecdotes by the treated patients prove it. The most productive treatment is being vegetarian and avoid eating cooked foods either temporarily or permanently.

You might have more or less experienced that those loved ones who have deceased once had a simple disease. They took medicines hoping they would feel

better. That did not happen, the disease became complicated and various medications were employed. The medicines cured the diseases temporarily, no sound treatment took place, and more cells became impaired until there was no healthy cell left in the body.

As a result, those suffering expired. They died because their body cells were full of poisons. If anyone turns to vegetarianism for treatment after undergoing a long conventional medication and there is no positive result, be sure that no other treatment can help that person. His corrupt cells can not be replaced in any way.

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